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About us

Sepia photo of members of Otley Players in historic formal clothes

Otley Players

Amateur dramatics and community theatre in Otley West Yorkshire

We are a small, relatively new amateur dramatics and community theatre group in Otley, West Yorkshire. The group was set up in 2017 by members of predecessor groups Otley Little Theatre (which had a glorious history going back to 1940!) and Otley Community Players, although most of us have joined since the Otley Players group was formed.

We don’t have our own theatre. We perform in the street, in pubs, in churches, or in Otley Courthouse arts centre, and we rehearse wherever we can.

We are an inclusive and community group. We don’t (usually) hold auditions – if someone wants to join and have a go then we want to find a way for them to do so.

We keep membership subscriptions low. For 2021-22 membership is £5 a year. There is often also a project-specific subscription to help pay for rehearsal rooms and other costs. We keep ticket costs as low as possible in the hope everyone can enjoy some amateur theatre if they want to.

We don’t currently run a youth theatre (but we might do one day). Children involved in an adult production will normally need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian, but we can make appropriate arrangements where that isn’t possible.

Otley Players is a member of the National Operatic & Dramatic Association. You can find listings for amateur productions across the region at

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